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1. Fill Out Our Family Form

  • Please click here to submit our Family Form. This form gives us a clear understanding of your family dynamic, what you expect from your soon-to-be nanny,  and what you’re offering your nanny


2. Discuss Your Family Form

  • Discuss over the phone our detailed family form together to find out what you need and expect from your ideal nanny


3. Personally Meet & Interview Each Nanny

  • We look through our nanny database to see if we already have any candidates for you

  • If not, we scout out your best-fit nanny

  • Conduct a phone interview with a potential nanny

  • Conduct an in-person interview with a potential nanny


4. Check Nanny’s Credentials

  • Extensive Background, Driving, & Sex Offender Check

  • Reference Verification

  • Social Media Check


5. Supply You With Nanny Candidates

  • We will e-mail you your top matched nanny candidate profiles –if these candidates aren’t right for you, we will scout out more candidates (background check fees will apply, please visit our fee page for more info)

  • Nanny Candidate Profiles Include: Highlights of the nanny’s childcare job experiences, brief bio, what the nanny can offer your family, and reference verifications


6. Choose your Nanny!

  • We will arrange in-person interviews so you can meet your nanny candidates

  • Once you make your decision, we will place the Nanny to Love with you at an agreed-upon start date


7. Time for a Check-Up

  • We will call you at the 1-month mark that your nanny has been employed by you for a follow-up

Mother and a Child
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